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For your safety, for your peace of mind

To Hotel Actual, efficiency in cleaning and hygiene have always been a priority, as well as the safety of both our workers and our customers. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we are closely following the evolution of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and we work daily to adapt our establishment to the measures established by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain and the World Health Organization, as well such as the protocols and recommendations established by different organizations such as the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute.

So that you can book safely and travel with all possible security guarantees, we detail below the actions we are taking and that we will keep adapting:



Stay with guarantees and security

General Hotel measures

– We give all our clients an Anti-Covid19 welcome kit with masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel.
– Disinfecting rugs have been installed at the hotel entrance.
– We control the temperature of each client at the entrance.
– Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been installed in different areas of the hotel.
– The capacity of the elevators has been limited to a family unit.
– We have created QR codes to facilitate access to all relevant hotel information.
– Informative posters have been placed arount the hotel to remind about the preventive use of the masks and the maintenance of the safety distance between clients.
– We have increased the frequency of cleaning in the common areas, bathrooms, hallways, elevators, etc.
– The cleaning staff continuously sanitizes the furniture, counters, tpv’s and rooms.
– We take special care with the air conditioning, we disinfect the filters continuously following all the recommendations.
– We have reduced the capacity in the common areas.


Front Desk measures

– We have installed protective methacrylate partitions at the Reception counter.
– We disinfect the counter and all the material exchanged with the client continuously (keys, cards, etc.)
– We have installed an Anti-Covid19 tower at your disposal  with an automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.


Disinfection measures in the Rooms

– We place special emphasis on the disinfection of objects with more contact such as knobs, switches, etc.
– The controls are disinfected after each use and sealed.
– We have placed special waterproof covers on the pillows.
– You will find bagged blankets in the closet. The blankets are disinfected after each use and sealed.
– We use ozone disinfection before the arrival of a new client.
– We do not carry out the cleaning of the room if it is occupied by the client.
– The laundry service is carried out by an external company that guarantees and certifies the treatment of clothes at more than 60º and with disinfectant products.
– We have eliminated, according to the recommendations, all the unnecessary decorative objects.
– We have also removed the courtesy tray of tea and coffee in the rooms. We have placed two complimentary bottles of water.
– According to the recommended measures, we have also had to remove the ammenities from the room. But if you need anything, just ask at the reception.
– We use disposable or different cleaning materials for each room, guaranteeing cleaning and disinfection without the possibility of cross contamination.
– We leave the room unoccupied for at least 24 hours between reservations.


Actions taken with the Staff

– We monitor the health of our staff with a daily control of their temperature.
– The hotel staff has received specific training in the preventive measures of Covid-19.
– We protect our staff with the necessary protective equipment: masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.


Measures in Cafeteria

– We have reduced the number of tables in our cafeteria to keep the safety distance.
– We continuously sanitize the cafeteria room by the cleaning staff.
– We have put gel spots at the entrance of the cafeteria to sanitize your hands.
– We expanded the assortment of foods in individual formats in the buffet.
– The non-individual buffet has been equipped with protective methacrylate screens. Customers do not have direct access to food but you can see the food, choose it and our staff will serve it.


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